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Center of Help (COH)

The Center of Help (COH) is a boy’s and girls orphanage directed by Madam Pharil, a widow.  It was her desire to keep the orphanage in honor of her late husband, a pastor.  When her husband died so did the original support.  A traveling nurse found this orphanage in very difficult times.  A meager portion of food for the children and helpers was given once most days.

A missionary friend of ours bumped into this traveling nurse and connected Eddy, CCH Director, LWC, and GoServe with the nurse who shared her concern of the neglect and malnourished state of the children.  It was then that the Lord God saw to it that this orphanage received more attention.

A team through Laborers With Christ (LWC) came in to help with the Presbyterian church from Cherokee, Iowa, and started to build up what was falling apart or had lack of good functionality:  new rooms and beds for the kids, a new kitchen, bathroom, playground (Zachery our son’s design *:) happy), a gazebo and a trampoline.  What is so ironic is how the Lord works.  One lady from the Presbyterian church in Cherokee who came with her husband suffered herself from her own husbands death 2 weeks later after their visit to Haiti.  They had both been touched with compassion for COH.  Memorial funds were given from this tragic incident and building to improve the compound of COH commenced.

The recent Hurricane Matthew destroyed most everything that had been built up.  Now, with the help of the same Cherokee Presbyterian church in Iowa, Lennox Ebenezer Presbyterian Church, and Summit Evangelical Church are all pitching in to help rebuild COH once again.  The compound now contains a security wall and houses eight (8) Sukup housing units.  You can read about COH’s recent recovery from Hurricane Matthew in LWC November 2016 DeRoos Drumbeat.

In country’s like Haiti, those who associated with “the white man” are looked at differently from the rest of the population.  The surrounding population thought Madam Faril was receiving a big salary from “the white man”.  The COH started to receive unwanted attention.  Madam Faril has a huge heart to help her people at the point of persecution if necessary.  She has run this orphanage for 32 years and intends to stand strong for this ministry.  Please pray for Madam Faril and the children under her care.

COH currently has 36 boys and girls with a six (6) on staff.  Here is just a few pictures.  Not all were present.