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Byenveni! -Welcome

In September of 2011, Laborers With Christ (LWC) expanded into Haiti hoping to provide a similar program with some adjustment to fit the cultural needs of the Haitian people.

The scope of ministry is broad and large.  LWC assists Edouard Constant and his wife Djerline (Eddy & Djoune ‘June’), directors of The Consolation Center of Haiti (CCH).  They are a Haitian couple who wear many hats to maintain the goal of caring for, feeding, educating, and raising orphans to be productive citizens of their own country. The size of their ministry goal is too immense for one couple.

God has raised up many others to help. LWC is just one of those ministries that has volunteered to help in the areas of discipling, self-sustainability, physiological nutrition, help administratively, and nurturing.

LWC works with a number of projects:

  1. The Consolation Center of Haiti (CCH)An all girl’s orphanage  
  2. James 1:27Infants and widows
  3. Village of Hope (VOH)Transitional place for displaced families
  4. Joshua House (JH)An all boy’s orphanage
  5. Center of Help (COH)A boy’s and girl’s orphanage

Orphanages in Haiti serve abandoned, abuse, vulnerable, and domestic slaves called restavèka. Many times children live on the street and then it becomes easy for the world to forget about them. While adoption is another alternative, the child trafficking has raised great concern to the point that the Haitian government has changed child adoption laws making the process very difficult.

Laborers With Christ works closely with the Consolation Center of Haiti (CCH), a girl’s orphanage in Balandry, Torbeck, six miles west of Les Cayes.  It has been LWC primary focus of ministry.

LWC scope of ministry is to help CCH in the following areas:

Other projects LWC is helping with is the Village of Hope (VOH) , Joshua House (JH), and Center of Help (COH). all projects of GoServe Global (GSG).

Culture Corner:


Do – Before anything else, greet the other person with a “good morning- bonjou”, “good afternoon – bonswa”.  When retiring for the evening say “good night – bonnwit”.

We are still learning.  More coming soon!