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Village of Hope (VOH)

The original vision of GoServe (GSG) for Village of Hope (VOH) was to keep families together, elderly, single mothers and any other displaced people in need by providing transit housing and training in a skill to assist them in their transition.

In April of 2012, construction was well on its way. Twenty-four Safety T Homes manufactured by Sukup in NW Iowa were erected. The set up is clusters of seven homes per circular cluster with a gazebo in each central point. Housing units for toilet, showers, wash houses for laundry, and a clean source of water are provided for all residents. Eight clusters for a total of 50 Safety T Homes have been erected for this project. Currently there are roughly 200 residents.

This project has gone through many different stages:  some stages encouraging while others very challenging.  As in many 3rd to 5th world cultures, it is always a challenge to begin a project of this magnitude.  Cultural issues rise and don’t always mesh with the intent of a vision.  Anywhere you go there is a very different climate and attitude from the city dwellers to the rural area dwellers.  Then add to the mixture two different cultures coming together and trying to create a beneficial work for all in need.

Djimy, the Director, has been good for the project.  He accepted the VOH job as the second director in a difficult time.  He went through many challenges, but has come through them shining with the Lord’s help.  Best of all, he has grown spiritually.  He is in charge of the climate of the village, such as children’s activities, community outreach, and the spiritual training.

The spiritual atmosphere is growing.  In the last year 26 people including youth have been baptized.  A spiritual army is being trained.

How is LWC’s involved?

LWC’s partnership with VOH has been there from the beginning to help with being a liaison between GCG and Haiti, helps a little with agriculture, and started a Bible study on Sunday afternoons from the beginning, which blossomed into a gathering for church.  Sukup graciously donated a strong church building which the people having been enjoying.  LWC attends church most Sundays, offers Djimy godly advise, and encouragement through many situations, and standing with him to support him through thick and thin.  As with anything, ministry comes with its ups and downs.  Ministry challenges our spiritual walk in so many ways.  LWC continues to stand behind Djimy and the VOH.

The next step is to complete the GCG vision.  Would you pray that the Lord would open the doors for offering a Professional School of Training for the residents so that skills can be taught and many can be empowered to begin their own enterprises.