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James 1:27 Village

The James 1:27 Village was birthed February 24, 2014.  The vision for James 1:27 is to meet the needs of the abandoned babies and widows in Haiti. These two people groups are the most vulnerable in Haiti, yet there is little or no outreach for them. Many times babies are abandoned, discarded, and abducted.

Both Laborers With Christ (LWC) and CCH prayed about this project about a year before it began.  Finding land in Haiti was one obstacle.  Edourd Constant, director of CCH, owned land close to the CCH project and gave towards the project.  LWC is currently involved with raising awareness of these neglected Widows and Infant Orphans.  Upon sharing this vision one Sunday morning, GoServ came along and helped with Sukup Housing units.  To date the James project has six widows and 15 infants with room for plenty more.

The immediate task to carry out the vision has been a monumental one. Feeding them, educating them, raising the babies, and encouraging the widows with usefulness is an immense vision and an ongoing one with a different level of care. Again, God has raised up many hands and hearts to help with this ministry outreach.

While adoption is another alternative, and it is a rare concept in these poor countries, adoption will be an option for these infants, for those who are moved to do so. Currently, legalities are under way to make this a reality.

A Goat project is underway and in the beginning planning stages. The goats will help the James 1:27 project that houses Widow’s and Infant Orphans. Many of these infant orphans are lactose intolerant leaving soy formula as an expensive alternative. A more affordable solution would be fresh goat’s milk, an excellent substitute closest to the infant mother’s milk.

At the beginning of this 2017 Calendar year, we had our first infant graduates.  Two boys graduated to Joshua House (JH) and seven girls graduated to the Consolation Center of Haiti (CCH).

2017 James 1:27 Infants: