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Consolation Center of Haiti (CCH)

Consolation Center of Haiti (CCH)
(Centre le Reconfort Haiti) 
is an all girls orphanage.  Laborers With Christ (LWC) began serving in September of 2011.  At that time, there were 23 girls.  We could haul them in the back of our pick-up truck.  Currently, over 72 girls ranging from ages 3 to-17 reside in dorms made from shipping containers.
LWC’s involvement has been to help CCH with spiritual discipleship, training in Agriculture and nutrition, and administration.
Spiritual Discipleship

Our spiritual ministry opportunities have involved areas of:

  1. On Sunday afternoons we held children’s church services.  A house-mother would lead worship and Les or a visiting team member would preach the message.  Today, we have a full-time pastor who shares the pulpit on occasion, and we have a full-time worship team of selected girls and a worship leader from the community.  The CCH worship service begins at the early hour of 7 a.m.
  2. 2013 Catherine taught English with the Creation Week emphasis, as a summer school program for the CCH girls.
  3. Monday night Bible Studies:
    • Blossoming Beauties
    • Carrying Your Cross Daily
    • 10 Commandments
    • Old & New Testament
    • Beatitude Drama
    • The Jesus Picture Storybook Bible
    • Armor of God with Drama
    • My Heart Christ’s Home
    • Worship Is A Lifestyle
    • Psalm 23
    • The Lord’s Prayer

4.  Youth Bible Study

  • B.R.I.G.H.T. Lights (Being Radiant in Godliness Holiness & Testimony)
  • Fruit of the Spirit (Learning how to walk in the spirit)
Agriculture and Nutrition

In the five years of service, Les has been involved in animal husbandry and hands on agricultural training.  See more about our FAAGRIC program here.

In the nutritional field, Catherine has on numerous occasions attempted to teach but has run into one hurdle after another.  At first it was the language barrier and not having an interpreter available.  Secondly, it was what material to present and how.  Thirdly, it was when and where to present the material.  She decided to put together a picture book about Moringa.  Please visit here to learn more about that.


To help sponsors connect to the girls, LWC has done a couple of things:

  1. Profiles ~ This is an ongoing project because new girls keep coming.  These profiles include of each girl with photo, birthdate, where they came from, and things they enjoy.
  2. Connecting Sponsors with their sponsored child through GoServ ~ As new children come Les gathers the information and forwards it to the GoServ office.  Together Les and GoServ keep a log of the children who are sponsored and who are not.
  3. Financial Assistance ~ Les manages all banking needs for Salaries of teachers and staff.
Other Fun activities have included: 

1)  An occasional film night ~ Movie night with family friendly and Bible films.
2)  Hand Sewing ~ Learning hand sewing skills for mending and other arts such as embroidery.  The final project will include creating their own sewing kit.
3)  Crocheting ~ Catherine has taught a number of girls the skill of crocheting.  The first project was to make pot holder squares.  A very popular project has been to create their own headband with a flower.
4)  Jewelry making ~ Making paper beads for necklaces, bracelets, hair pretties, etc.