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The Seeds of Faith Project

“Give a man a fish, he eats for a day.

Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.”

Handing out a small amount of seed in class to take to their farm and grow it there

The above well known proverb fits what FAAGRIC desired to do.  FAAGRIC encourages students with the knowledge and ability to grow their own food.  There was a misconception of what could not grow.  With FAAGRIC our students learn the possibilities.  Another encouragement FAAGRIC offers is seed.  It is very difficult to obtain seed, but through the avenue of FAAGRIC they not only receive seed but they learn how to care for it and harvest it.

FAAGRIC offers two hour lectures which includes one hour of practical work on the farm once a week. During this training, new ideas and methods are introduced to help assist them in improving their livelihood. This is done through the introduction of modifying traditional farming techniques or adapting to some of the concepts that we have introduced and giving free seed through the Seeds of Faith project.  When it is time to harvest it, they then return with it to show and tell.

Many of these students are able to sell their produce in the market place.  FAAGRIC now has a spot in the market for all the produce that is grown on the farm.  This farm is cultivated by the students during the one hour of practical work as part of the FAAGRIC class.



Show & Tell
Show & Tell – Location 2
Students working on the FAAGRIC farm.