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It is our pleasure to bring to you a closer look into some of the different aspects of ministry that the Lord has laid on our hearts.  May you be blessed by the material as you look through it at your leisure.

FA 2012 Lecturer Guide

The FA Manual is a publication issued to all FAAGRIC participants at printing cost. It includes the Physiological Nutrition class that Catherine teaches and the Basic Agriculture class that Les teaches. We have made it available to you so that you can not only see what we teach but also equip you with some knowledge that may be beneficial to you.

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Living Deliciously

Living Deliciously is a recipe book full filled with vegan recipes that I have collected over the years.  The plan is to share this book one section at a time, so please come back often and check what may be new.  I am so thrilled to share these recipes with you.  They are healthy, and yes, still taste good.  Some of these recipes come from gourmet vegan chefs across the nation, Dr. Fuhrman, the author of Eat to Live, and Hallelujah Acres, a Christian ministry that teaches about healthy lifestyle choices and also has a huge archive of free material and free programs to take advantage of.   ENJOY!

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Worship is a Lifestyle by Catherine

Worship is a Lifestyle is a five-volume Inductive Bible Study:  WM1-Worship, WM2-Worship Leader, WM3-Worship Fitness, WM4-Worship in Song, WM4-Worship in Dance.  This inductive study will take you to a whole new level of intentional study to give you an appreciation for God’s many treasures in His Word.  You will find out quickly that there is a whole lot more to Worship than singing.

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Genesis Health Blog Series

Color Me Beautiful – read about how eating the colors of the rainbow can benefit your health.

Color Me Beautiful

What would it be like to walk into the grocery store and understand by color what foods would benefit our health in certain areas?  If we had a dis-ease, and we had the knowledge of which color had a positive effect on reversing the condition, wouldn’t that be amazing?  

This booklet explains what these colors mean for our health and well-being.  We have a fighting chance to make good decisions.  Discover your best life now! 


Color Food Beautiful

Do you appreciate color? Color has been used a great deal by the FDA for the pleasure of the consumer and the FDA knows what will please the eyes of the consumer. The FDA uses artificial colors to offer the consumer cheap substitutes for the real deal. Learn about what the FDA uses for color, what report card grade each color is given, and how to either create your own recipes or purchase colors from alternative resources.



The Doctrine of Signatures

Have you ever thought of plants speaking a language? Plants have their own language and their own special way.

The way plants communicate and show themselves through their colors, shapes, textures, scents, and locations are within our perception and can be understood more fully through the mind’s eye. This booklet will dissect the different aspects of a handful of the plants as to how intimate of a relationship they have with mankind.

May this will inspire your appetite to dig deeper into the benefits of other plants.


Spice Up Your Life

Being a world traveler, I have had the privilege to enjoy many different kinds of food. Each area specializes in its own spices creating wonderful flavors. Herbs and spices are used to add flavor, aroma, color, texture, and nutrients to food.

Though this booklet only covers a handful of some of the most popular spices in America. Hopefully, it will encourage you to add a nutritional boost by adding flavor to all your dishes.

Inside you will also find fascinating stories, recipes, medicinal purposes, nutritional profiles, etc. Enjoy!

TOP 7 Sacred Mushrooms – Nature’s Secret Weapon (click to find a flip book)

Mushrooms have been a long-time favorite addition to my diet.  I eat them daily as well as sprinkle 7 Sacred Mushrooms powder in my coffee every morning.  After watching a trailer clip called, “Fantastic Fungi” I thought it would be interesting to look up the benefits of each of the 7 Sacred Mushrooms I put into my coffee.

The benefits are Nature’s Secret Weapon with amazing benefits against microbes, cancers, faltering immune systems, brain, neurological pathways, anxiety, and so much more. Mushrooms are considered medicine and must be treated with respect while consuming them.  

Inside you will find a not so well known internal system that actively benefits our central nervous system and our cell’s power mitochondria.  

This booklet takes you on a walk through the woods where these mushrooms are found.  Enjoy the journey!



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